Growing the ecosystem.
Bridging the funding gap.
Creating new opportunities.

Engaging early in the concept and design phase with private sector entities, whether they are entrepreneurs, impact funds or intermediaries, contributes to better and more effective outcomes.

Supporting Innovation. Delivering Impact.  Promoting social entrepreneurship.

Supporting Innovation. Delivering Impact. Promoting social entrepreneurship.

Scaling Frontier Innovation program supports social entrepreneurship in Asia and the Pacific to achieve development impact and social change. We partner and collaborate with a diverse group of impact-focused organisations to trial and learn about new and innovative ways of supporting social entrepreneurship.

Using a gender lens to drive innovation and social entrepreneurship

Our initiatives

Initiative Goals

  • Bridging the funding gap

    Globally, the funds required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) fall well short of the total global aid budget, with an estimated funding gap of USD 2.5 trillion. The ‘Impact Investing’ market – investment directed towards businesses having a social or environmental impact – is growing and holds the potential to bridge the gap in development financing.

  • Growing the ecosystem

    East and South East Asia contribute only 6 per cent of total assets under management for impact investors globally. The ecosystem that supports investment in social innovation and social enterprises is still in its early stages in our region. Through the Scaling Frontier Innovation program, we are investing in the intermediaries and network organisations that work with entrepreneurs and impact funds and who contribute to a functioning and supportive ecosystem.

  • Creating opportunities

    By supporting innovators who are delivering impact through market-based models, we can help create opportunities for private sector capital to be invested in ways that contribute to development outcomes and help fill the SDG funding gap. The program advocates for social entrepreneurship as an emerging new approach to deliver development outcomes, maximising locally driven and contextually relevant solutions.