Frontier Brokers: Where innovation meets expertise

Before we tell you about why we’re here and what we aim to achieve, allow us to introduce ourselves! Today’s article is by Good Return.



Who we are

The Frontier Brokers Network consists of four consortia experienced in impact investment:

  1. 1. Athena Global Alliance / The Whitelum Group
  2. 2. Brightlight Group / SecondMuse / Investing for Good
  3. 3. Good Return / Palladium
  4. 4. Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)

As an initiative of the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s innovationXchange, Frontier Brokers is the third network of organisations under the Scaling Frontier Innovation (SFI) program.

Our program

As participants in the Frontier Brokers program, we aim to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through innovation led by social entrepreneurship and investment for impact.

Our work will address weaknesses in the current ecosystem that supports private sector-led innovation within the Asia-Pacific. Each project will use innovative brokering approaches to better match social enterprises with the capital they need to scale.

The Frontier Brokers Network will contribute to building the existing ecosystem by encouraging collaboration and shared learnings, not only amongst ourselves as Brokers, but also between other ecosystem players in the Asia-Pacific.

A focus on gender

Each Broker has adopted a Gender Lens Investing (GLI) approach. GLI considers power imbalances faced by women and girls and uses gender analysis throughout the investment process, assessing how gender can compound experiences of privilege or disadvantage.

Through analysing often unseen constraints, we are using GLI to highlight the implications of these constraints and uncover new opportunities for businesses to support men and women to participate more equally in the economy, driving innovation and entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned for updates on how each Broker is actively incorporating GLI into the 4 projects.

What to expect from our blog

Keep an eye out for posts each month providing insights from on the ground across Asia-Pacific.

First up, we’ll introduce each of the Brokers through a ‘Brokers Spotlight’ post, so you can get to know us, what we’re working on, and what we’re hoping to achieve over the next two years.

Our insights will include updates on how each Broker is tracking, and a look into how our projects evolve over time, especially learnings that may be applicable to others in impact investing.

In the meantime, you can follow us on LinkedIn, or follow each of the Brokers on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date. We would love to connect with you and see how we can collaborate and together stimulate more investment into social enterprises in Asia-Pacific!

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