Bridging the Financing Gap for Small and Growing Businesses

BIDUK is pioneering customized, flexible lending solutions that bridge the financing gap between microfinance and venture capital in Indonesia. No other financial firm in the country offers our loan sizes, cash-flow based lending underwriting, and product flexibility customized to meet the specific needs of underserved, early-stage or women-owned/led businesses.

Many small and growing businesses (SGBs) in Indonesia, especially those that are women-owned/led and face gender bias, lack access to the capital they need to grow into healthy, steady-state companies and are left to fund their own growth from internally generated cash flow.

These businesses grow until they reach a cliff where they are expected to learn to fly, die or stay small. Too big for microfinance, too small for private equity, too risky and lacking sufficient collateral for commercial banks, these businesses lack the growth trajectory that venture capital seeks.

We build a bridge for businesses, delivering the financing solutions they need to grow and become ready for other forms of formal capital.

How do we do this? BIDUK provides customized, flexible, uncollateralized, cash-flow based loans that are the right size (USD$10k- $150K) and term (3 - 12 months) to support SGB growth. This approach allows our clients to plan their growth in phases and, by borrowing over multiple loan cycles and leveraging our relationship-based approach, our clients are able to reach the growth stage attractive to VC investors.