Masterclass Series: How to Invest Without Exits (a.k.a. Raising Funds and Non-Exit Capital)

The Frontier Incubators Workshop took place in November 2018. Over the course of five days, the Frontier Incubators Program Partners delivered a series of masterclasses on topics relating to incubation and acceleration. These sessions were recorded, and have been made publicly available so that you too can share in the ideas that were discussed, and the resources that were provided.

How to Invest Without Exits (a.k.a. Raising Funds and Non-Exit Capital)

Is the current paradigm of investing really the best way to do things? What are the different elements that make up investing trends? Can we move beyond debt and equity and find a third, simple way to invest in companies? (hint, we can).

Presented by:

Slide decks: Fledge

Additional resources: The First Venture CapitalistThe Structure of Scientific RevolutionsThe Next Step for Investors: Revenue-based Financing

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