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The challenge

To meet the demands of growing population, global food production needs to double by 2050.  Irrigation increases food production by two to five times. As 70% of world water is used in agriculture sector, increasing access to irrigation must be done with efficient use of water.  Hydro-powered pumping is the most cost-effective water lifting technique in geographically feasible areas as validated by The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

aQysta develops innovative water pumps for sustainable, efficient and cost-effective irrigation to increase agricultural productivity.

Barsha pump, named for the Nepalese word for rain, is an innovative hydro-powered irrigation pump that uses energy from flowing rivers and canals to pump water for agriculture. It is a cost effective and environmentally friendly irrigation solution as it operates 24/7 without any fuel or electricity and its simple design requires little maintenance.

HyPump is another innovative hydro-powered pump, designed specifically for irrigation canals to deliver pressurized water to drip or sprinkler systems.

aQysta also offers innovative financing options to farmers, such as Pay-After-Harvest. Farmers pay for the product only after they have earned revenue from their crops.   aQysta has the capabilities to carry out all stages of their product development. They closely study the global irrigation market and research technological solutions applicable to different scenarios.  To understand the needs of farmers better and develop products that fit the market requirements, they carry out farming activities too.  aQysta partners with local distributors who sell, install and provide after-sales services.

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Pratap Thapa, Co-Founder and Commercial Director

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