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The challenge

Traditional cooking methods cause multiple health and livelihood issues for families as well as cause environmental degradation:

  • Families spent around 20 days per month on collecting wood
  • Cooking with wood kills 3,5 million people globally per year, mostly women
  • 90% of energy needs of rural households is for cooking
  • 85% of Cambodian wood consumption – mostly from illegal logging, is used for domestic cooking

Bad soil management practices and overuse of chemical fertilisers lead to soil degradation and increase risks to global food security.  Current livestock waste handling practices of small scale farmers add over 3 tons of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions per year.62% of soils in Bangladesh and 41% in Cambodia are already classified as degraded.

ATEC* manufactures and distributes biodigester systems that provide renewable gas for cooking and organic fertiliser for farming.

ATEC* biodigester is a robust polyethylene cylindrical tank that is easily installed in a backyard or on farmland. It converts animal manure, human, green and kitchen waste into 500- 1,500 L of biogas per day and 20 tons of organic fertiliser per year. The conversion is an organic process that requires no added chemicals or fuels.

The tank has been specifically designed for challenging conditions such as flooding, earthquakes, high groundwater and rocky soils.

ATEC* biodigester system is sold with a twin cookstove, biogas rice cooker and includes installation, delivery, user training and after-sales-service program.

Each ATEC* biodigester system

  • conserves 75 tons of GHG emissions over product lifetime (25 years);
  • provides free gas for all cooking needs;
  • produces 20 tons of organic fertiliser for farming over a year;
  • reduces the production of GHG emissions by 3 tons;
  • saves an average household in Cambodia USD $521 per year;
  • creates a smoke-free cooking environment;
  • can be toilet connected to remove up to 99% of harmful bacteria.

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The Founder

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