Impact: Proof of Concept → Transition to Scale

BagoSphere provides a faster, smarter way for disconnected youth to launch transformational careers in the Philippines. Funding from Frontier Innovators was used by BagoSphere to scale their operations to the city of Iloilo. Bagosphere has trained 300 students at an 80% placement rate within 30 days after graduation

CEO Zhihan Lee notes, “[t]here’s a significant increase in our graduates’ income as reflected in the recent Impact Survey conducted for our pilot batch. One example is Mark Anthony Javil who used to work as a welder and is the breadwinner of the family. He used to earn P7,000 every month on his previous job and is now earning P12,000 as a call center agent at Transcom. The P5,000 increase on his monthly income is a huge help as he is now able to even help his sister in her school expenses on top of providing for their family’s basic needs. As a college undergraduate, he believes that working in a BPO industry is a stepping stone that will allow him to be in a managerial position despite his educational attainment. He’s been very vocal with how the BagoSphere work scholarship program has helped him become more confident.” Another example of their direct impact is Jarold Galamiton., “As a member of the Persons With Disability (PWD) community, he believes that he has gained back his self-esteem back after being placed in Inspiro, a BPO partner, a week after graduating from BagoSphere’s 1-month training. Jarold was a few months away before graduating from his BS Marine Engineering course when he had a road accident. The said accident resulted in the amputation of his left leg and caused him to lose his self-confidence as well. He didn’t attempt to look for a job despite his financial needs due to his low self-esteem until he learned about BagoSphere’s free training. From someone who mainly relies on his family before, Jarold is now earning P10,000 every month as a Customer Service Representative at Inspiro.”

Bagosphere also expanded their existing programs by supporting capacity building for high potential trainers and curriculum developers with the development and implementation of the “T3” program. The T3 program is a free training program given to potential trainer hires who failed our trainer teaching demo. The T3 program enables BagoSphere to develop high potential trainers who might not have sufficient teaching experience so that we can strengthen our teaching force). BagoSphere has also been able to develop a Trainer Development Plan (TDP). To help trainers progress from a junior role to specialised roles.

Finally, the grant funding was used to support BagoSphere to understand which Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is best suited to their needs as the company continues to grow.

During this time period, BagoSphere experienced a 50% increase in revenue and trained 1,500 loan officers.