A world where every youth can pursue what they love, earn a good living, and build a better future for the next generation.

The challenge

More than half of the population of Southeast Asia is under 30. There is a tremendous potential for them to create meaningful careers and make positive change.  Yet, accessing full and purposeful employment is challenging – especially when businesses, technology and skills are evolving at light speed. As a result, there is increasing income inequality and underemployment.  On the other side, businesses are not able to grow because of the lack of engaged talent.

BagoSphere’s dual mission is to serve high potential unemployed and underemployed people and growing businesses, especially those scaling up outside of urban areas.

BagoSphere offers intensive, full-time career preparation programs to help young people launch transformational careers.

Around 80% of Bagosphere  students are employed within 90 days of graduation. 65% of students are women and from low income backgrounds.  Completion of career programs and subsequent employment lead to a doubling of students’ monthly income.

BagoSphere’s designs their programs with a proprietary human-centered approach, meeting real-world needs of employers and providing students with the digital, soft and life-skills needed to gain lasting employment.

Talent Pipeline as a Service features a design-to-delivery service model plus customized curriculum that develops purpose-driven and high-performing employees at scale.

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The Founder

Zhihan Lee, Co-Founder and CEO

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