Gender Lens for Incubation and Acceleration Toolkit

A practical resource to help intermediaries become more gender-responsive

Crucial to this opportunity being realised was an openness from the iXc to welcome in partners with aligned but expanded interests and additional resources, to collaborate within the network of organisations involved in Frontier Incubators, in this case without DFAT oversight and control.

“It’s been a dream partnership for us. Everyone is so passionate and cares about this product. I’ve learned a lot from our partners. We’ve been doing work around developing a toolkit from the research side but working with practitioners and having pilot partners involved in design and continuous feedback – resulted in a fruitful collaboration. I’ve learned so much from seeing this process from their eyes as well. I highly recommend the partners to other organisations—if we were to try to do it alone, the final output would not be as good as what we’re coming towards. Collective action has brought a lot of extra value for us.” – Lily Yu, SPF