Gham Power

Helping smallholder farmers increase income.

The challenge

Around 15% of population in Nepal do not have electricity and 75% of agricultural land lacks affordable and reliable irrigation.

Gham Power provides complete, off-grid solar project development for households and businesses in remote communities.

326 kilolitres of diesel and 2,920 tonnes CO2 emissions are curbed annually by these systems.

Gham Power products include residential solar systems, microgrids to service small towns and villages, solar pumping solutions for water irrigation, and commercial systems to supplement diesel generators.

Gham Power products are offered on long-term Pay-As-You-Go schemes Gham Power’s solution uses a combination of data-driven approach and a last mile distribution channel to minimize cost for end-users and increase service coverage to remote locations.

Gham Power’s Off-Grid Bazaar is a digital platform that uses farmers’ survey data to design optimally sized systems and to assess individualized risks. It allows financial institutions and impact investors to view and invest in the projects based on impact and risk metrics.

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The Founder

Sudeep Bir tuladhar, CEO

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