Connecting farmers, landowners, investors, and crop buyers to create a complete farming supply chain.

The challenge

In Indonesia, as in much of the world, there are millions of underemployed skilled farmers and millions of hectares of underused arable land. Meanwhile, the demand for high-quality agricultural food gets higher day after day. UN research states that crop yields need to double within 40 years in order to keep up with world population growth.  To meet such demand, new ways are needed to create scalable and efficient farming industry.

iGrow is a marketplace that connects underemployed farmers, landowners, crop buyers and investors to produce high-quality food and sustainable incomes by using cloud-based agricultural management software.

iGrow identifies crops with stable demand, prices and growing characteristics. Then iGrow finds arable land and its farmers. Using a crowdfunding model, iGrow connects investors, usually from urban areas, to fund agricultural production – from seeds, farming supplies to maintenance and long-term land-leases. Investors, in addition to financial return on their investment, can enjoy a ‘Farmville’-like experience and social returns in terms of growing nutritious food and creating incomes for farmers.  Before investing, iGrow builds the skills of farmers and lowers the risk for investors.

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The Founder

Jim Oklahoma, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

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