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The challenge

In the absence of doctors, rural medicine sellers, also called village doctors, are the first point of care for 67% of rural Bangladeshis. And yet, they have minimal or no medical training, weak connections to formal sector facilities, and don’t have access to high quality drugs and other new health innovations.

As a result, more than 95% of these providers treat diabetes symptomatically rather than as a chronic disease, less than 3% patients are referred to formal facilities, and 74% of prescriptions by these providers contain medications irrelevant to the condition being treated.

Jeeon’s mission is to organize and upgrade informal drug shops and unlock them as an effective primary care delivery channel.

Using human-centred design, Jeeon has developed an Android platform called JeeonConnect to upgrade these decentralized informal providers and improve access and quality of health care in rural Bangladesh.

The platform enables rural pharmacies and medicine sellers to upskill themselves, order quality drugs and healthcare products, and refer patients to trained providers and qualified facilities. Through engaging case-solving games that earns points on the platform, JeeonConnect gradually trains village doctors towards proper treatment and prescription protocols for simple cases.

For more complicated and acute cases, the platform enables the users to connect and refer patients to discounted consultations and surgeries with Jeeon’s network of medical professionals and hospitals.

The platform also captures health and market data about rural medical practices and behaviours, which can be used to inform healthcare policies and programs across Bangladesh.

“When we ran up against a wall we were able to walk around it.” -- Rubayat Khan, Co-Founder and CEO, Jeeon

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The Founder

Rubayat Khan, Dreamer and Teambuilder

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