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Building Industry 4.0 software systems for Myanmar.

The challenge

There are only 1.33 health workers per 1,000 people in Myanmar, falling below the WHO recommended 2.3 minimum threshold.  Most of them are in urban areas, but over 70% of Myanmar’s population resides in rural areas.

With poor health infrastructure and a shortage of health workers, a majority of Myanmar people lack access to adequate health information and services, resulting in millions of preventable health issues and deaths.  According to WHO, Myanmar has the second highest maternal mortality ratio (178 per 100,000 live births), under-five mortality (50 per 1,000 live births) and infant mortality rates (40.1 per 1,000 live births) in Southeast Asia.

Koe Koe Tech develops software applications to help address health and other societal issues in Myanmar.

Koe Koe Tech recruits and trains local talent in Myanmar, contributing to a strong information technology workforce. 90% of their employees Myanmar nationals. 50% of software developers, data scientists, and graphic designers are women.

Strong engineering, creative and human-centred design have resulted in the following software solutions:

  • MayMay: a free application for maternal and child health, developed in partnership with Population Services International (PSI). Users receive daily messages with helpful information and tips during the nine months of their pregnancy and the first three years of their baby’s life. Maymay also features a doctor locator to allow users to look up and connect with doctors by location and specialisation. Users can communicate with PSI doctors and nurses via their smartphone.  Maymay also enables users to browse and buy maternal and baby products, which are delivered to their homes.
  • Doctor Note: an innovative software solution that provides hospitals, small and remote medical clinics with a system to manage electronic medical records. It is built for low resource contexts.
  • MyanKhon: in partnership with the Asia Foundation, a tax software that automates tax collection and water bill payment for local governments, halving tax collection times and increasing revenues. Koe Koe Tech also sells Internet of Things (IoT) – enabled smart water meters that integrate with MyanKhon.
  • PyoPyoMay:  a newly launched adolescent girls application providing sexual and reproductive health information, education, sports, dating and relationships information to girls and young women.
  • Facebook hate speech: Koe Koe Tech’s natural language processing (NLP) and data science teams are working on structuring approaches to address hate speech in cooperation with Facebook, including NLP algorithms that have statistically significant predictive power to detect hate speech.

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The Founder

Michael Lwin, Co-Founder and Managing Director

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