Building Mamma's Laef Vanuatu's resilience

Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu (MLV) are based in a village, on a small island in the archipelago of Vanuatu in the South Pacific ocean. They provide environmentally friendly, reusable menstrual health products to women and girls across Vanuatu. The products are manufactured and distributed by Ni-Vanuatu women, the ‘Mammas” who also provide menstrual and reproductive health awareness sessions to maximise the impact of their products. The pads allow women to participate in their usual daily activities and girls to continue attending school during their cycle, supporting them to manage their menstruation effectively and with dignity. MLV also deliver a unique menstrual health programme with men, by men.


Having been established and led by overseas leadership since its inception, building resilience and long term sustainability for MLV as a business requires them to move to local management and ownership. Through the program, the team worked with technical advisors to determine a suitable local structure to transition to local administration, finance and direct sales management. In doing so they trained and grew their local team, and identified gaps in expertise to develop reliable and scalable supply chain processes to meet demand, and will be hiring someone to fill those gaps.

In addition to this, MLV focussed on testing alternative selling channels to increase their direct sales to end users, and despite adverse weather conditions, were able to generate some initial revenue from these.


Requested support

  • Local marketing and sales support, or tools and resources 

Connections to large INGOs who are interested in partnering with MLV to provide their products and programs to more communities across Vanuatu

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The Founder

Belinda Roselli, Jack and Mary Kalsrap

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