Mamma's Laef

Supporting women to control their future.

The challenge

For Ni-Vanuatu women and girls, managing their menstruation effectively and with dignity can be a challenging task.   Limited awareness and little education in schools on the subject, the high price of disposable sanitary pads, often poor quality and poorly maintained toilets are just some of the challenges. Many taboos continue to exist about menstruation, which result in adverse consequences for women and girls such as behavioural restrictions, shame and embarrassment. Young girls often miss huge chunks of the school year because they are ashamed to go to class when they are menstruating.

Mamma’s Laef produces and distributes environmentally friendly, reusable menstrual health products to women and girls.

The products are manufactured and distributed by Ni-Vanuatu women, the ‘Mammas’, who also provide menstrual and reproductive health awareness sessions to women of all ages across the country. The core team are employed on part time basis.

Awareness sessions for women and girls are led by the Mammas team. A conversation starter and awareness programmes are offered to men and boys at schools and communities to break taboos about menstruation.

Women and girls receiving the reusable sanitary pads are able to manage their periods effectively, can participate in usual daily activities and girls do not need to miss on school during their cycle.

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The Founder

Belinda Roselli + Jack Kalsrap

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