Nora's Plantation Foods

Ensuring stable and sustainable income for Samoan farmers and their families.

The challenge

Many Samoan farmers and their families depend on agriculture and sales of crops they grow for their income. They face multiple challenges, such as unstable sales contracts and effects of climate change and extreme weather events. Even though they are of high quality, it is challenging for Samoan food products to reach international markets.

Nora’s Plantation Foods purchases crops from small-holder farmers and families and produces high quality food products for an international market.

Their products include 100% noni juice, virgin coconut oil, whole cocoa nibs and cocoa paste and soon-to-be-launched taro crisps.

With offices in both Samoa and Australia, the company is able to source in Samoa and sell directly to consumers and buyers through their website.

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The Founder

Lisa Karene, Executive Director

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