Sehat Kahani

Impact: Gender - Transition to Scale

Sehat Kahani used flexible funding to launch four new telemedicine hubs in Pakistan with funding from Frontier Innovators, creating new employment opportunities for 49 female health professionals, serving more than 9,800  patients, increasing telemedicine penetration in these communities by 97% and access to specialist services was increased 75% in the target communities, and reaching 46,000 indirect beneficiaries were reached through door-to-door mobilization and preventive health services. Without Frontier Innovators, Sehat Kahani CEO Dr. Sara Saeed notes, “we couldn’t do this because of lack of funding.”

In Pakistan, social barriers often prevent female health professionals from continuing their careers and limit access to affordable healthcare within marginalized populations. Sehat Kahani seeks to address these problems by bringing female doctors back into the workforce and improves rural healthcare through women-focused telehealth solutions in Pakistan.

The funding also allowed them to test hiring health specialists for their clinics. Funding was also used to research, develop, and introduce a Specialist Model in clinics and their telehealth platform. Specialists were recruited to deal with chronic diseases: gynecology, pediatrics, psychology, psychiatry, and diabetology, increasing access to its services in our target communities. “We started by adding five specialists based on local needs (pediatrics, psychology, etc.).” Saeed notes, “This model allowed us to introduce specialists to underserved communities. In particular, psychologists are a limited resource available to these populations where mental illness is a huge problem. It’s added a lot of value to the clinics.”

Sehat Kahani is continuing to expand their work across Pakistan, they now have 25 E-Health clinics in three provinces in Pakistan and directly impacted more than 100,000 patients. The story of Sehat Kahani is featured in the documentary series Frontiers.