Sehat Kahani

An all-female health provider network that provides quality healthcare to those in need, using telemedicine.

The challenge

70% of medical students in Pakistan are women. Medical Council of Pakistan estimates that more than 50% of them drop out of workforce when they get married and have children. This is known as doctor bride phenomenon.

Pakistan has a population of 200 million people and 50 per cent have limited access to health care.

Sehat Kahani is a unique telehealth platform that connects female doctors, who are home-based and were not able to practice medicine, with patients, who do not have access to healthcare, through telemedicine and video consultations.

Sehat Kahani has a network of 1,500+ female doctors and 100+ nurses and community health staff working through 25 e-health clinics. Sehat Kahani provides patients in rural areas and from lower income households with access to affordable and high-quality healthcare.  Patients can visit a Sehat Kahani e-clinic in their community, where a trained and trusted health worker connects them to qualified, home based female physicians and specialists using video consultation and electronic medical records systems.

Sehat Kahani’s mobile and web based application enables patients to access primary and secondary healthcare services online,  schedule consultations, set-up mental health plans or research insurance options from their phone or tablet.

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