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The challenge

Agriculture provides livelihoods for 68 percent of Nepal’s population, accounting for 34 percent of the GDP. Nevertheless, Nepal struggles to produce an adequate supply of food for its citizens.

Selling agricultural produce is one of the important sources of cash income of the farming households.

Farmers have limited access to information, services and products, such improved seeds, new technologies, farming practices and market opportunities. As a result, the agricultural production has decreased causing hunger and urban migration. Thirty-six percent of Nepali children under the age of 5 years suffer from chronic malnutrition, or stunting.

Shreenagar Agro Farm is a women-led integrated agricultural corporation providing integrated services and products to the farmers in poultry, livestock and fisheries sectors.

Shreenagar is a one-stop solution for farmers – providing high-quality seeds and feeds, technical assistance, access to finance and insurance, market linkages and innovation. Shreenagaer incubates farmers to become entrepreneurs or improve their existing businesses. The new software application Shree Kisan app for poultry farmers makes poultry farm management and record keeping easy.

Shreenagar Agricentres, located close to farmers, offer training, market information dissemination, technical services, and support to farmers to manage their farms and increase their productivity.

Social Return on Investment is calculated at 4.4,  based on four major outcomes: increased access to quality inputs, increased skills and knowledge, increased agricultural productivity and increased access to markets.

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The Founder

Moushumi Shrestha, Director

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