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The challenge

Samoa and other Pacific countries have been facing economic development challenges as well as the damaging impacts of climate change more acutely every year, including extreme weather events and rising sea levels, which destroy the livelihoods of some of the most vulnerable communities.

Technology creates opportunities to manage some of these challenges and to build resilient and sustainable communities.

SkyEye uses open source software and builds systems and solutions tailored for the Pacific region, combining technological expertise with knowledge and understanding of the Pacific context, culture and needs.

SkyEye provides geospatial technology and solutions, including vehicle tracking software, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and remote sensing services, as well as GIS systems development and data management.  UAV (drone) technology is used to capture HD imagery, extract information and generate powerful models and maps.

SkyEye launched Samoa’s first e-Commerce platform to facilitate the moving of goods between buyers and sellers and create new opportunities for micro and small businesses.

SkyEye works closely with not-for-profits and researchers, governments and private sector providing cost-effective mapping services that benefit the local communities and help to confront the natural disasters affecting the region.

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The Founder

Sam Saili, CEO

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